Black Dollar 365

Black Dollar 365 Committee recognizes that one of the most direct and sustainable ways to support the Black community is to shop Black owned businesses. As such, we are super excited to have Mu Kappa Omega’s Empowered Pink Pages Business Directory online! To view the directory, click the link below:

Mu Kappa Omega Black Dollar 365 Business Directory 2020.pdf

Now Mu Kappa Omega members and other Black and minority-owned businesses in the Missouri City/Fort Bend area can share their business products/services for your patronage. This directory currently consists of roughly 50 plus Black and minority-owned businesses you can support in over 12 different categories!!

To add your business to the MKΩ Business Directory, please use the following link, (preferred method) or send an email with the following information (Business Owner’s name, Business name, address, phone, website, social media sites and logo, brief description of the business and any additional pictures or your products and/or services) to [email protected]

Note: All new business entries and/or edits to existing businesses will be updated quarterly (March, June, September, and December).